Darkness of Melbourne

*Horde of Spirits*

The Cabal found that a strange statues had begun appearing around their home and workplaces, that no one knew who put there or exactly when they appeared. The security footage in some areas had been tampered with to prevent investigation. The statues, while physically there, did not have any magical signature at all, to all intents and purposes being “blank” spots in the world. One was carried of by a member of the council for study.
At the same time as this event, a dark, life-sucking mist appeared around the cabal’s sanctum, being generated by some 9 spirits. These spirits were then dragged into the world by Max where they were defeated – mostly by Max’s summoning of a Storm Spirit

Flynn was starting to feel decidedly paranoid. It seemed that every possible bad thing that could happen was happening to them. It was only a miracle that one of them hadn’t been killed yet – and that could be entirely possible, when John’s influence over the Strands of Fate herself were considered. Still, as he poured some acid from a beaker into the vat, ignoring the panicked look of his co-worker, he realised there was a way to even the odds. They were just going to have to get more magic and power of their own – with a little science thrown in

Inconsistencies: The angel statues appeared capable of movement but only when not seen and where not visible to any form of mage sight. Possibly connected to the spirits that attacked the sanctum.
Max got so terrified of something he saw, he locked it permanently away in his mind rather than remember whatever it was.


Another inconsistency. It’s not very likely that that many spirits would just turn up at one place by coincidence. Something/someone sent them.

*Horde of Spirits*

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