Darkness of Melbourne


Case 11

Dates: 03/01/12 – 04/01/122

The Cabal was called by Kirk, who requested that they do a job on behalf of the AMP for the local Catholic church. After meeting up with Spencer, they were told that one of the original copies of the most holy text had been stolen from the church.

After finding traces of a firey aura between the altar and the door, the Cabal set out to construct a sympathetic link to the text. Joined by Micah, a Knight of the Cross, they opened a portal into the 30th floor of the Eureka Tower, and preceded to search for the Bible.

Coffee was made, Archer tried negotiating with one of the Fallen, and then battle was joined, the Cabal torn apart by the simple ferocity of the Hellfire thrown at them. After (barely) defeating the Fallen, the Cabal parted ways from the servants of God.

-There were two huge consciousnesses in the room, and there was only one Fallen.



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