Darkness of Melbourne

Taking Skulls

Archer, presumed dead, appeared at the Cabal’s doorstep several days after the disaster of the Graveyard Incident. In the interim, the Cabal nearly reignited the feud with the vampires and tried to find information on the assassin – perhaps another Banisher? – who shot Archer. They could only find out that he is called “The Lone Diablo” [That was right, wasn’t it Youngy?]. No ideas on how to contact him or what he works for.
After Archer spent some time with the Cabal, he let slip that he had in fact died and was now Death’s Apprentice. He was given the charge of seeking out the Greycloak and ending his nefarious activities that perverted the course of death.
The Snatchers proceeded on to investigate a series of brutal murders in Melbourne and quickly came to the conclusion that someone was making a pentacle of death – whatever it was for, one that covered the whole of Melbourne CBD couldn’t be for making sunshine and rainbows. Though they failed to prevent the last murder from taking place, they apprehended the man responsible and soon found out that he had made a pact with demons. Calling in some help from Fr Spencer, they could neither redeem him nor gain information from him and the priest made the call to finish him.
Going to his house and investigating his belongings, they soon found out that he was a member of a gang who all proved to have Hell-pacts. Confronting one man from the gang, he was made to see the evil he had turned too and began the slow path back to redemption. He gave the Snatchers the information about that he knew about the plan and confirmed that the gang was responsible for stealing a warehouse cache of explosives. Breaking into the club, Archer and Flynn set up the explosives around the building and waited for the gang to get there that night, leaving a spirit-statue there to talk for them. Sealing the gang inside, the cabal told them that failure to comply with their demands would result in their fiery demise. Their conversation/negotiation was interrupted by the appearance of the gang’s demon patron, who tried to make the Snatchers leave and/or join with her. Deciding offense was the best defense, Flynn let loose with a salvo of blessed crossbow bolts into the demon’s back, and opening up a fight that quickly finished in their favour. During the fight, Archer panicked and went to press the detonation trigger and was foiled by Flynn, who scrambled the transmission. Archer was prevented from further action on this path by the appearance of his master, Death, who made him wait till the Angel of Death, Azrael, came. The angel walked into the building after complimenting the Snatcher’s style and purged the un-redeemable from the gang’s ranks. The rest were left for the police and Fr Spencer to deal with.
When arriving back at the sanctum, Archer was approached by his cat who was quickly possessed by Death when he heard that he had apparently been there. The cabal figured that another Angel impersonated Death to stay Archer’s hand during the fight till Azrael’s arrival. Still, the job was considered well done a, with the demon flung back into the Hell and the gang taken down, the pentacle was now useless.


‘…another Angel impersonated Death to stay Archer’s hand during the fight till Azrael’s arrival.’

Azrael isn’t the only Angel of Death, but this is definitely an awesome idea, angels impersonating death, who in turn gets angry at angels…

Taking Skulls

He is, but you’re weird

Taking Skulls

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