Darkness of Melbourne

The Plot Thickens

Case 6-9

Case 6 (Tomb of a Dead Man)


The characters spot a news story on television about a temple recently found in the suburbs of Melbourne, and recognising the writing on the pillars as High Speech, decide to take a look. When they reached the temple, they found it guarded by a group of official looking military, the ATST, and continued to distract them to slip inside.
After exploring the temple, and meeting another group of young Mages known as Dumbledore’s Army they pushed their way into a room with, guarded by a fierce ghost, one taking the name of Zacharius. After backing away slowly from him, two of the Cabal followed a figure through a portal, ending up on top of the Sydney AMP Tower, where the figure proceeded to throw them off the skyscraper.

-Why did the temple open up now?
-Who was the Grey Cloaked figure?

Case 7 (The Skeleton Tome)


The characters contacted DA, organising a formal meeting, where one of the Cabal intended on dueling Weasly for the Skeleton Tome. He won, each cabal went their respective ways.


Case 8 (Rage Incarnate)


The Cabal found a series of anger fueled brawls occurring outside their place for several nights in a row, finally discovering that a Spirit, Gazerob, was responsible for the increase in emotions. They fought off several groups of angry people, before noticing the Minotaur standing on the sidewalk, staring at them, it’s eyes narrowed.


Case 9 (End of the Champions)


After a sudden call from DA, the Cabal went to investigate, finding the young Mages houses under siege by a force of figures in black fatigues with futuristic looking rifles. After fighting off the force, and pursuing them in car, they returned home. Over the next few days, several more attempts were made on the Cabal’s lives, each foiled due to some fluke of luck, the Cabal organised to meet the leaders of Champion Incorporated for a civil dinner.
It’s a trap!
Finding the whole pub they were eating at choked with Champion’s soldiers, they were cornered in the room, and left to the mercy of thirteen gunmen, until one of the Cabal summoned Malphite, a minor spirit god of fire, who simply flicked his wrist and watched them turn to ash.
Champion Inc and all its holdings, closed down the next day, its bosses vanishing into the depths of Australia’s population

-Champion Inc were in possession of a collection of Imbued Items and Thaumiam.
-John Champion spoke of a benefactor.



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