Darkness of Melbourne

The Rising Dead

The Satchers got involved in a series of grave robberies for what could only be nefarious purposes. After some investigation – and being attacked by the mis-directed, rather angry ghosts – they went to the mob for some help, who gave them a piece of a shovel that enabled them to scry the shovel’s location, which was at an abandoned shopping centre.
In between being attacked by ghosts and the scrying of the shovel, the cabal ran into a vampire politician whom they quickly insulted and hence began a game of one-upping the other, which turned vicious very quickly. After destroying his political career, the cabal took on two mages in a cemetery, the night they were due to investigate the unused shopping complex, after being called by Bernard who leaked them the details of a AFP operation. The mages were cloaked and hooded but the mage who threw Max and Flickoff a building was recognised by his staff.The dark fled when confronted and the Snatchers pursued the one they assumed to be weaker. Weaker didn’t seem to imply any less dangerous, however, as his army of the dead knocked John unconscious in a flurry of blows. After being healed by Max, however, John proceeded to lay about him with the awesome might of his frying pan. After beating a path through the zombies, John and Max made good their escape through Matthew’s portal, who opened the escape route after distracting the mage with several blasts from his shotgun. Flynn and Strix also provided distractions and inconvenience to the mage but the true danger was revealed when the sniper banisher on the floor above took off Archer’s head with one well-placed shot.
In a fit of rage, Flynn shot back at him and Strix blasted him before retreating as well. The Snatchers fell back into their sanctum, shaken by the events. After all the months of being untouchable, one had fallen. It seemed Lady Luck had removed her sheltering wing

Inconsistencies: The Banisher seemed awfully lucky. Perhaps it was just fate – or was it given a helping hand. The vampire seems to know a lot about the cabal and its activities – especially the more… extracurricular ones of a night. Did he set this up or was the banisher in league with the necromancer, working against their common enemy the AMP?
And why did the dark mages run from the cemetery? Fear of a prolonged fight and discovery?



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