Darkness of Melbourne

In The Beginning
Case 1-5

Case 1 (The Yowie)


The Mages tracked a series of deaths across the suburbs of the city. Serious deaths. Deaths in which the victims were being torn into small pieces and spread across large areas. Eventually they tracked down the creature responsible – a Bunyip well away from any place that it would call home.

-The recordings of the Bunyip were erased from the closed circuit recording system of The Nott. Traces of magic were left there – ones that you will recognize in the future.

Case 2 (Banishment)


The Mages were tracked from the AMP meeting by a figure wearing red robes. He turned out to be a Banisher, and attacked the Cabal outside their home. They fought him, and after some handy Paradoxes, restrained him, and left him for the AMP to look after. This revealed that the Banisher was known as Entroph, and was highly unstable (and had been since his first awakening).


Case 3 (I Face Myself Alone)


After a few incidents of people leaping off the bridge on Batman Avenue, two nights in a row, the cops decided something was up, and handed it over to SI to deal with. After a night on the case Mathew brought in the others from the Cabal.
A ghost had been possessing people, walking them down the middle of the road, and then throwing them off the bridge and into the river, drowning them. The Cabal severed the ghosts anchor after a few restless nights, and sent her back into the Shadows.

-Ghosts generally hang around briefly after death, don’t just turn up after a long time.

Case 4 (Layers of Lies)


After a human was torn apart outside the Cabal’s home, they decided to investigate the death, thinking it was a message for themselves. It turned out that the person in question was killed by a Mage in the service of the elusive Patrick Trohnan, the head of the Melbourne underground.
After a rather frightful confrontation in one of his warehouses, a deal was struck, to leave each other alone.
The figure that had been killed was an assassin, sent to kill him.

-Patrick’s voice had something unusual about it.

Case 5 (Loup Garou)


As the full moon neared, the Cabal found themselves facing a spree of deaths across the city. Finding themselves considering the possibility of a Werewolf, they took to the books. Fighting the wolf on several occasions across the city, they fought against it with the help of SI and another newly changed group of werewolves, bringing it to the ground and killing it in a park.


The Plot Thickens
Case 6-9

Case 6 (Tomb of a Dead Man)


The characters spot a news story on television about a temple recently found in the suburbs of Melbourne, and recognising the writing on the pillars as High Speech, decide to take a look. When they reached the temple, they found it guarded by a group of official looking military, the ATST, and continued to distract them to slip inside.
After exploring the temple, and meeting another group of young Mages known as Dumbledore’s Army they pushed their way into a room with, guarded by a fierce ghost, one taking the name of Zacharius. After backing away slowly from him, two of the Cabal followed a figure through a portal, ending up on top of the Sydney AMP Tower, where the figure proceeded to throw them off the skyscraper.

-Why did the temple open up now?
-Who was the Grey Cloaked figure?

Case 7 (The Skeleton Tome)


The characters contacted DA, organising a formal meeting, where one of the Cabal intended on dueling Weasly for the Skeleton Tome. He won, each cabal went their respective ways.


Case 8 (Rage Incarnate)


The Cabal found a series of anger fueled brawls occurring outside their place for several nights in a row, finally discovering that a Spirit, Gazerob, was responsible for the increase in emotions. They fought off several groups of angry people, before noticing the Minotaur standing on the sidewalk, staring at them, it’s eyes narrowed.


Case 9 (End of the Champions)


After a sudden call from DA, the Cabal went to investigate, finding the young Mages houses under siege by a force of figures in black fatigues with futuristic looking rifles. After fighting off the force, and pursuing them in car, they returned home. Over the next few days, several more attempts were made on the Cabal’s lives, each foiled due to some fluke of luck, the Cabal organised to meet the leaders of Champion Incorporated for a civil dinner.
It’s a trap!
Finding the whole pub they were eating at choked with Champion’s soldiers, they were cornered in the room, and left to the mercy of thirteen gunmen, until one of the Cabal summoned Malphite, a minor spirit god of fire, who simply flicked his wrist and watched them turn to ash.
Champion Inc and all its holdings, closed down the next day, its bosses vanishing into the depths of Australia’s population

-Champion Inc were in possession of a collection of Imbued Items and Thaumiam.
-John Champion spoke of a benefactor.

Point Blanc
Case 10


The characters find themselves contacted by the Crocodile Hunters, who have had a totem stolen from their residence. After tracking the item to its source, they were set upon by a sniper. With a rather large gun. (It seemed to be disintegrating body parts).

The sniper escaped the confrontation, but they tracked him down the next night, and arrested him, only to find out who he was Marcus, and he was only doing what he was for the right reasons.

They are now friends.

-Someone pointed out to Marcus all the weird stuff that was happening in the area, which caused him to start hunting down the Cabal in the first place.

Case 11

Dates: 03/01/12 – 04/01/122

The Cabal was called by Kirk, who requested that they do a job on behalf of the AMP for the local Catholic church. After meeting up with Spencer, they were told that one of the original copies of the most holy text had been stolen from the church.

After finding traces of a firey aura between the altar and the door, the Cabal set out to construct a sympathetic link to the text. Joined by Micah, a Knight of the Cross, they opened a portal into the 30th floor of the Eureka Tower, and preceded to search for the Bible.

Coffee was made, Archer tried negotiating with one of the Fallen, and then battle was joined, the Cabal torn apart by the simple ferocity of the Hellfire thrown at them. After (barely) defeating the Fallen, the Cabal parted ways from the servants of God.

-There were two huge consciousnesses in the room, and there was only one Fallen.

*Horde of Spirits*

The Cabal found that a strange statues had begun appearing around their home and workplaces, that no one knew who put there or exactly when they appeared. The security footage in some areas had been tampered with to prevent investigation. The statues, while physically there, did not have any magical signature at all, to all intents and purposes being “blank” spots in the world. One was carried of by a member of the council for study.
At the same time as this event, a dark, life-sucking mist appeared around the cabal’s sanctum, being generated by some 9 spirits. These spirits were then dragged into the world by Max where they were defeated – mostly by Max’s summoning of a Storm Spirit

Flynn was starting to feel decidedly paranoid. It seemed that every possible bad thing that could happen was happening to them. It was only a miracle that one of them hadn’t been killed yet – and that could be entirely possible, when John’s influence over the Strands of Fate herself were considered. Still, as he poured some acid from a beaker into the vat, ignoring the panicked look of his co-worker, he realised there was a way to even the odds. They were just going to have to get more magic and power of their own – with a little science thrown in

Inconsistencies: The angel statues appeared capable of movement but only when not seen and where not visible to any form of mage sight. Possibly connected to the spirits that attacked the sanctum.
Max got so terrified of something he saw, he locked it permanently away in his mind rather than remember whatever it was.

The Rising Dead

The Satchers got involved in a series of grave robberies for what could only be nefarious purposes. After some investigation – and being attacked by the mis-directed, rather angry ghosts – they went to the mob for some help, who gave them a piece of a shovel that enabled them to scry the shovel’s location, which was at an abandoned shopping centre.
In between being attacked by ghosts and the scrying of the shovel, the cabal ran into a vampire politician whom they quickly insulted and hence began a game of one-upping the other, which turned vicious very quickly. After destroying his political career, the cabal took on two mages in a cemetery, the night they were due to investigate the unused shopping complex, after being called by Bernard who leaked them the details of a AFP operation. The mages were cloaked and hooded but the mage who threw Max and Flickoff a building was recognised by his staff.The dark fled when confronted and the Snatchers pursued the one they assumed to be weaker. Weaker didn’t seem to imply any less dangerous, however, as his army of the dead knocked John unconscious in a flurry of blows. After being healed by Max, however, John proceeded to lay about him with the awesome might of his frying pan. After beating a path through the zombies, John and Max made good their escape through Matthew’s portal, who opened the escape route after distracting the mage with several blasts from his shotgun. Flynn and Strix also provided distractions and inconvenience to the mage but the true danger was revealed when the sniper banisher on the floor above took off Archer’s head with one well-placed shot.
In a fit of rage, Flynn shot back at him and Strix blasted him before retreating as well. The Snatchers fell back into their sanctum, shaken by the events. After all the months of being untouchable, one had fallen. It seemed Lady Luck had removed her sheltering wing

Inconsistencies: The Banisher seemed awfully lucky. Perhaps it was just fate – or was it given a helping hand. The vampire seems to know a lot about the cabal and its activities – especially the more… extracurricular ones of a night. Did he set this up or was the banisher in league with the necromancer, working against their common enemy the AMP?
And why did the dark mages run from the cemetery? Fear of a prolonged fight and discovery?

Taking Skulls

Archer, presumed dead, appeared at the Cabal’s doorstep several days after the disaster of the Graveyard Incident. In the interim, the Cabal nearly reignited the feud with the vampires and tried to find information on the assassin – perhaps another Banisher? – who shot Archer. They could only find out that he is called “The Lone Diablo” [That was right, wasn’t it Youngy?]. No ideas on how to contact him or what he works for.
After Archer spent some time with the Cabal, he let slip that he had in fact died and was now Death’s Apprentice. He was given the charge of seeking out the Greycloak and ending his nefarious activities that perverted the course of death.
The Snatchers proceeded on to investigate a series of brutal murders in Melbourne and quickly came to the conclusion that someone was making a pentacle of death – whatever it was for, one that covered the whole of Melbourne CBD couldn’t be for making sunshine and rainbows. Though they failed to prevent the last murder from taking place, they apprehended the man responsible and soon found out that he had made a pact with demons. Calling in some help from Fr Spencer, they could neither redeem him nor gain information from him and the priest made the call to finish him.
Going to his house and investigating his belongings, they soon found out that he was a member of a gang who all proved to have Hell-pacts. Confronting one man from the gang, he was made to see the evil he had turned too and began the slow path back to redemption. He gave the Snatchers the information about that he knew about the plan and confirmed that the gang was responsible for stealing a warehouse cache of explosives. Breaking into the club, Archer and Flynn set up the explosives around the building and waited for the gang to get there that night, leaving a spirit-statue there to talk for them. Sealing the gang inside, the cabal told them that failure to comply with their demands would result in their fiery demise. Their conversation/negotiation was interrupted by the appearance of the gang’s demon patron, who tried to make the Snatchers leave and/or join with her. Deciding offense was the best defense, Flynn let loose with a salvo of blessed crossbow bolts into the demon’s back, and opening up a fight that quickly finished in their favour. During the fight, Archer panicked and went to press the detonation trigger and was foiled by Flynn, who scrambled the transmission. Archer was prevented from further action on this path by the appearance of his master, Death, who made him wait till the Angel of Death, Azrael, came. The angel walked into the building after complimenting the Snatcher’s style and purged the un-redeemable from the gang’s ranks. The rest were left for the police and Fr Spencer to deal with.
When arriving back at the sanctum, Archer was approached by his cat who was quickly possessed by Death when he heard that he had apparently been there. The cabal figured that another Angel impersonated Death to stay Archer’s hand during the fight till Azrael’s arrival. Still, the job was considered well done a, with the demon flung back into the Hell and the gang taken down, the pentacle was now useless.


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