Australian Mages Party

The overarching body for all Mages resident in Australia. They govern and enforce the Laws of Magic as well as protecting Mage society against threats, both foreign and from within.

They meet on a yearly basis within the AMP Melbourne Headquarters, with other meetings throughout the year for special issues. On top of this they provide an academy for young Mages within the Sydney AMP tower, teaching them the basic usage of magic, and how to survive life in Awakened Society.

When meetings are held, those of each path must wear specifically coloured robes. The only exception to this rule are the High Mage and the Councillors.

Theurgists Red
Enchanters Orange
Shamans Green
Warlocks Blue
Necromancers Purple


High Mage
The leader of the AMP, more often than not the most powerful Mage within the society. They have the ultimate power over the Laws of Magic, and punishment for breaking them. He also has the deciding vote in any or all decisions, and has command over the Awakened community.

Gates Kavyen Padovani Saharas Temperly
The advisers to the High Mage, all are also considerably powerful with many connections throughout the supernatural society. There is one of each of the paths of magic, and represent their own’s interests.

The enforcers of the AMP, all powerful combat Mages, with a wide breadth of powers. They appear in times of great danger, generally leaving destruction in their wake. At best they are righteous and lawful, and at worst they are thugs with a crap load of magic. They can be identified by the gleaming swords by their waist, and the slightly luminescent shields that they bear. Each has the authority to enlist individual and groups of Mages to their cause.

The messengers of the AMP, but also diplomats, historians and consultants, they deal with relationships with Cabals and other supernatural bodies. They can be identified by the chain, looping around their waist from their right shoulder.

Australian Mages Party

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