There are possibly fifty Cabals of Awakened scattered throughout Australia, each existing under the guidance of the Australian Mages Party.

Cabals of Mages generally take on a theme, and name and act accordingly, themes include but are not limited to the elements, the supernatural paths, the moon cycles, the Greek gods, and of more recent times, references to literature and film.

They rely on each other for support and safety, and many grow to almost trust each other, although such is not generally the way of the Awakened community.

Dumbledore’s Army:
Taking upon the alias’s of characters from the series Harry Potter by JK Rowling, each bares many similarities to the characters out of the books and films.

Potter (Enchanter)
Weasly (Warlock)
Granger (Warlock)
Malfoy (Necromancer)

Unknown Cabal:

Saruman (Necromancer)


Darkness of Melbourne Youngy