Champion Incorporated

Champion Inc became incorporated almost ten years ago, a private company in weapons manufacturing. No-one knew of their true purpose until 2005, when Champion Inc began a war against the Awakened community, wiping out isolated Cabals.

The attacks were far between, and no-one actually knew who was making them until mid 2006, when they unleashed their master blow. In one bloody night Champion infiltrated almost 40 Cabals, and eradicated them almost to the man.

The AMP, gaining information on their identity, struck back a lethal blow, and it was believe the Corporation was annihilated.

It wasn’t until late 2011, when they made a somewhat clumsy (or possibly unlucky) attack on two Cabals, that it was discovered that they survived.

A week later, the bulk of Champion Inc tried to bring down the Cabal that had stood in their way a week previously, but where destroyed to the man, nothing left but piles of cinders. Champion Inc sold all of their assets a day later, and the company disbanded.

Champion Incorporated

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