List of Characters by Organisation

Australian Mages Party

Archandros (High Mage – Warlock)
Gates (Councillor – Warlock)
Kavyen (Councillor – Theurgist)
Padovani (Councillor – Necromancer)
Saharas (Councillor – Enchanter)
Temperly (Councillor – Shaman)

Julian (Sentinel – Theurgist)
Kirk (Herald – Shaman)


Entroph (Theurgist – Pyromancer) Incarcerated
The Lone Diablo (Warlock – Sniper)

Dumbledore’s Army

Potter (Enchanter)
Weasly (Warlock)
Granger (Warlock)
Malfoy (Theurgist)

The Grey Cloaks

Kreos (Necromancer – Leader)
The Apprentice (Necromancer – Apprentice)

Other Mages

Saruman (Warlock)
Zacharius (Ghost)

The Hand

Patrick Trohnan (Boss)
Joe Wentz (Bodyguard)
John Westley (Messenger)
unknown (Warlock – Mage)

Champion Incorporated

John Champion (CEO)
Dan Hume (Scientist)

Special Investigations

Bernard Collins (Sergeant)
Ian Middleton (Officer)

The Church

Spencer Urie (Priest)
Micah (Knight of the Cross)

Other Humans

Belial (Boyfriend)
Jessica Maddison (Journalist)
Tom Whittaker (Mortician)
Marcus (Sniper)

The Kindred

Romana Vice (Politician)

The Fae Courts

Amelia Childa (Winter Princess)
Hollyandra (Summer Lady)

Scions of the Ancient Gods

Owainor (Thor – Berserker)
Aesharil (Athene – Diplomat)


Malphite (Marquess – Fire, Emotion, Purification)
Gazerob (Knight – Rage, Brawling, Bulls)
Fortus (Unknown – Shadow, Fear, Electricity Fortitude)
Fulmar (Knight – Storm, Lightning)

Other Supernaturals

Marakus (Dragon)

List of Characters by Organisation

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