Beings of the Shadowrealm, spirits were spawned from humanity. Reflections of conscious thought, emotion, action and existence, they live in a reality parallel to our own. And even the world they exist in is a warped reflection, altered by emotion, thought and deed.

The spirit within a tree may be joyous, and full of life and slightly disfigured when in the backyard of a loving, caring family, who built a swing and a tree house into it, but in the site of a lumber mill may be angry, reflective and violent.

In the same time, a spirit of an emotion may epitomize that emotion, or take on another which enjoys watching that one play out.

Locations in the Shadowrealm are even stranger. An ancient battlefield may be strewn with dead corpse, blood welling up out of the ground like a stream, giant flies buzzing overhead, that of the White house may be a shining structure on top of a hill, with great black veins of corruption tearing it apart from the inside. And airports and highways, those are places you never want to be, utter chaos, every imaginable emotion or sight is possible along those locations, enough to tear the human consciousness apart.

Spirits have a heirachy quite unlike humanities own however, and it is all to do with power, great spirits forming groups of supporters, and plotting against one another, some attacks taking centuries to plan out.


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