The Fae

The Faerie folk from tales, they are similar in aspects to spirits, but instead of being beings of a discorpreal nature, they have bodies of their own. They tend to be manipulative, charismatic, and have a tremendous natural ability for Fate and Spirit magics, specifically binding oaths.

Most of the higher beings are of human form, although other ranks of beings exist. They are unconcerned with Spirits as a whole, though are skilled at binding them to their service and shaping them into what they need at the time.

The Fae exist primarily in two ‘courts,’ the Summer Fae and the Winter Fae.

On a whole, they also have considerable control over the things that make up their season. A place in the Material Realm where Winter Fae are may be cold, wet or miserable in the middle of summer. A Summer Fae may very well be able to manipulate light, or make things grow, where as a Winter Fae may have excellent control over ice, or even water.

For the most part much more sentient and intelligent than Spirits, they exist to maintain their season, and make sure reality feels its presence. (Autumn and Spring being the changeover periods, not real seasons). The two courts however, have a tentative peace, and there are always minor conflicts between them – but there have not been full scale wars with any clear outcome for many thousands of years (The Winter Fae like to claim that the great flood was due to them almost crushing their Summer brethren for good).

They have emissaries in the physical realm, under the name of the Knights (both Summer and Winter), beings, generally already with magical power, who are enforcers and warriors for the courts, as well as diplomats. They may control a considerable amount of one of the courts powers.

The Fae

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